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Aquarius man dating a cancer woman

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I would prefer if she was as esthetically inclined as I was, but she looks good enough for me, and I try not to impose my way of dress on her. Don't get me wrong crying is good sometimes in certain situations. Although, they are good people. There are several Aquarian relatives In my family. Consistency for me Is Important to me. But let me tell ya'll In the end It most likely Isnot going to work out! After she made that complaint, I explained to her that I am a very emotional person, however I am incredibly personal. I even went grocery shopping for her. I believe if you will keep looking on zodiacs , and similarities you will loose relationship with any person which comes into you're life. I AM an Aquarian in love with cancer. Aquarians are so unassuming, logical and honest.

Aquarius man dating a cancer woman

I have noticed our differences--he is independent, gregarious and sometimes detached. The charismatic marks do not lie. But I believe his is jus trying to turn it around on me. On his bday I texted him to say happy bday and he answered back. We didn't have nothing in common at all. The Aquarius man is hard to pin down, and he becomes even more elusive when under pressure. Very insightful and enlightening. I found out when we were going to go have dinner when she called to ask if he sent her money. Please help me understand this man if you have any insights to share. What do you think is going on??? Everything in life is a trade-off. I lectured her on being rational and less naive. She says she Is, but.. This forms the root of Aquarius man Cancer woman compatibility. But our friendship is very close and tight nit. I kind of enjoy It to be honest, but some days It's like dating a different person - especially sexually. I Love Him So Much She probably drifts away because she doesn't believe that you are devoted to her, so in order to protect herself, she keeps herself from being attatched. Although you may have meant it sarcastically or snarkily, it violates our ideals. I'm normally very cool about love but feeling the ever widening distance just threw me off. I ask him to identify what he feels I did wrong or what he doesn't like, and he can't communicate solid examples to me, which in turn frustrates me. So far so good. Well, I have not given up yet. He's very charismatic, who also hasthe biggest sense of humor, with theatrical abilities In singing and artistry. I want to give the relationship a chance. We have a very symbiotic relationship.

Aquarius man dating a cancer woman

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