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Arcgis online up date

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To take advantage of the new privilege in existing custom roles, edit the role, add in the new privilege, and save the role. An Implementation roadmap for classrooms, schools, and districts is designed to put teachers and learners on the right path to using GIS. ArcGIS Hub has recently been updated with the following: Apps for the office ArcGIS Apps for the office enable operations managers and analysts to visualize data in a geographic context to gain location-based insights and make decisions that save money and time. The June update includes a redesigned organization page, a new verification option for sharing your authoritative content with the public, offline map areas, and enhancements throughout the site. Dispatchers now see the date an assignment last changed state, showing how recently assignments have progressed. See Choose a configurable app to learn more about these, and others. As an administrator, you can now organize startup layers into groups, and turn off calls to ArcGIS Online for secure environments from the application configuration file. The Project Backstage now includes a new Collaborate section that contains tools that allow you to collaborate with others during the planning process. Dashboard interactivity has been improved through the introduction of two new actions: See What layers does Scene Viewer support?

Arcgis online up date

For example, you can filter a crime layer based on crime type and time to understand patterns of where instances of arson occurred. The state of Hawaii is an example of a multipart feature. This update enhances the capability to batch geocode content in ArcGIS Online and provides a smoother editing and configuration experience on CSV layers and drawing elements. Items marked as authoritative are also promoted in search results. Please note that the GeoPlanner release is scheduled for later this month, and will not be released at the same time as this ArcGIS Online release. The upcoming update to GeoPlanner includes improved analysis when using the Suitability Modeler widget, better management when using indicators, and expanded use cases for summary charts. Hosted feature layer performance has continued to improve. A firefly point symbol is a dot with a colorized glow effect, useful for creating dramatic thematic maps. When you create a Shortlist from places defined in a web map, you now have the option to automatically reflect updates to those places as they are updated in the web map. Workforce is now available for mobile workers using Android devices. Project owners now have better ways to identify project members who are no longer part of the organization. With Edit, you can now edit many-to-many related records and control the capability to add or delete features. To take advantage of the new privilege in existing custom roles, edit the role, add in the new privilege, and save the role. See Item information for more details. For example , when the data for a feature layer of USA ZIP Code polygons with six attributes is delivered to the browser, it's reduced in size by about 35 percent. Editing workflows now support forms with repeated sections. Smart Editor now supports related table editing. Story Map Crowdsource Story Map Crowdsource beta enables you to publish and manage a crowdsourced story to which anyone can contribute photos with captions. An inherent feature of vector basemaps, and also vector tile layers in general, is that their styles can be customized. You can select one of the tile layers for a specific vintage or create your own tile layer item for a vintage of your choice. This setting allows administrators to configure a logo and color palette for consistent branding of configurable apps created by organization members. Additional languages will be added in future updates. You can now define an area of interest for hosted feature layer views to limit access to features within a particular area. When you choose a background color the sky and stars in your scene are removed and you can invent your own cartographic style. AppStudio has released major enhancements across the board, including an improved user interface for desktop tools and additional features in templates. New widgets for 3D apps; Measurement and Share. For more information, see the Story Maps blog articles.

Arcgis online up date

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