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Code for updating database in asp

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You've used named parameters already a number of times in these tutorials. That's what you see here: Message, since errors will be displayed in the validation summary. The ID is a number, but it references a movie that doesn't exist for example, http: After the code processes the change, it redirects back to the Movies page. If the tests don't pass, the else blocks set error messages. Therefore, you check the value yourself, by testing it with if! As noted earlier, this code should run only the first time the page runs. When the SqlDataSource control s Select method is invoked either programmatically or automatically from a data Web control a connection to the database is established, the parameter values are assigned to the query, and the command is shuttled off to the database. Therefore, this form should perform a POST operation. The complete code for the! You probably have noticed the general pattern for database operations: To run a Select query that potentially returns multiple records, you use the Query method. Again there's an easy fix.

Code for updating database in asp

To repeat what we've said before: Summary In order for the data Web controls to utilize their built-in inserting, editing, and deleting capabilities, the data source control they are bound to must offer such functionality. To run a Select query that potentially returns multiple records, you use the Query method. The syntax for the new column might look a bit complex, but that's only because it puts together several elements. The GridView then rebinds to the SqlDataSource, getting back and displaying the current set of products which no longer includes the just-deleted record. The code is in an if IsPost block, because this code runs only when the user clicks the Submit Changes button — that is, when and only when the form has been posted. You made sure that there actually was a value to go look for, which you did by using this code: When you get to the EditMovie page, clear the Genre field or Year field, or both and try to submit your changes. QuerySingle method returns no results, the row variable will be null. Because the ID is unique, only one record can be returned. The SqlDataSource control also provides optimistic concurrency support. To make sure that validation is working, click Edit for another movie. Notice that the code includes an else block this time. However, they test only whether you can convert the string, without actually performing the conversion. At the same time, we might want to allow the user to edit, update, or insert data into the core table Products, in this case. Initially setup the SqlDataSource so that it pulls back data just from the Products table. Rather, DeleteQuery is a combination of the DeleteCommand and DeleteParameters properties and is only listed in the Properties window when viewing the window through the Designer. RequireField "title", "You must enter a title" ; Validation. Our goal is to extend this example to allow for the user to delete products via the GridView. Also clear out the DetailsView s Width and Height properties. Run the Movies page, and click Edit next to a movie. If you are looking at the Properties window in the Source view, you'll find the DeleteCommand property instead. That's the case here. There are several ways you could implement a way to edit an individual movie. Old comments will not be carried over. IsPost test to look like this example: When you submit the changes, the code in the page updates the database and takes you back to the movie listing.

Code for updating database in asp

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