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Dating antique brass bed

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By lollyrobinet [1 Post] 0 found this helpful February 10, I purchased a very old brass bed, queen size, that is at least years old, judging by the support frames. This is a guide about antique brass bed information. This mark may include a date of manufacture. If you have found a potential antique, you must study it closely to determine the date. Some four-post brass beds were made, but most were half-tester or had curtains hung from side wings. The shape is angular, but with round posts and spindles. In addition to a "more sanitary condition," iron bed frames offered consumers elegant, beautiful designs that many wooden beds couldn't compete with. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. An antique bed frame is a true investment, both visually appealing and valuable, they will positively impact the bedroom and your sleeping space. The style of an iron bed can indicate its age. Day beds from the William and Mary period have clean lines with straight backs often in a baroque style. An individual piece of furniture's design helps to narrow the date of manufacture down.

Dating antique brass bed

Straightforward double-ended beds without drapery were increasingly common after By lollyrobinet [1 Post] 0 found this helpful February 10, I purchased a very old brass bed, queen size, that is at least years old, judging by the support frames. There are a large number of antique brass beds to choose from. By the end of the 14th Century the four-posted bed was manufactured and it was the Tudors who introduced the four-posted bed to the UK. Four-posted beds during this period were as elaborate and intricate as possible, they were demonstrative of wealth and often made of solid oak. Because iron is a durable material that is less subject to breakage, many of these beds may be found in antique stores as well as city dumps today. By the 15th Century beds increased in size and were generally large, and by the 16th Century there was an increase in decoration although now the frames were lighter. This included bed frames, headboards and foot boards. Other antique beds of note include French antique wooden beds, a Louis XV style double bedstead is a popular choice, French antique wooden beds can be upholstered, and the structure uses curved lines and often has cabriole legs. An individual piece of furniture's design helps to narrow the date of manufacture down. The Egyptians were the first culture that are thought to have raised their beds above ground level, with the elite of Egyptian society having beds made from wood, they may have also featured gilding and during this period many of the beds had headsteads. Step 2 Look through antiques stores for bed frames in similar styles. Cast decorative cornices were a rare bonus. Knowledge Antique Beds A good nights sleep is priceless, there is nothing better than sinking into a sumptuous mattress at the end of a hard day. Designs were variable, generally not following contemporary fashions. The best and largest number of manufacturers. Later Medieval Europe stuffed mattresses and lay on the floor but it was not until the 12th Century that more beds began to be made in Europe; they were made from wood and decorated. By the 18th Century cast iron beds were in existence and in the coil-sprung mattress was developed. Finding information about an antique brass bed, such as age or manufacturer can be difficult. Price was largely dictated by the amount of brass in the construction, the cheapest being all iron or iron with brass knobs and end-rails, the most expensive all brass. Parts were slotted together, held in place by tension or by bolts, their ends concealed by screw-on decorative knobs or the like. A bedroom should be a space of tranquillity and calm, a haven away from the stresses of life; an antique bed is a beautiful item of furniture and is sure to make the lure of sleep even more appealing. Step 3 Examine the bed for an impression, trade mark or stamp that identifies the manufacturer. But they lack the deep glow and slightly worn look of the real thing. If the maker is no longer in business, you can narrow the date of the bed to the time period before the manufacture closed.

Dating antique brass bed

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