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Dating oak framed buildings

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Get in touch to find out which route would suit your project best and we can deliver a range of options from a finished frame to a finished house, ready for you to move into. It would seem obvious for a carpentry firm but this is rare. We have 4 full time frame designers. However, one of the major advantages of timber frame is that the carpentry can be taking place in our workshops while your builder is starting on site and getting the groundworks done. They know our exacting standards for all our timber. The tricky levels and the joining of two buildings that were not parallel foxed some, but not Carpenter Oak… thank you so much. Techniques continued to develop; driven to some extent by tools improving with the development of metallic alloys from bronze, to iron, to steel. By the Middle Ages timber framing was reaching its peak with the construction of such impressive buildings as the hammer-beam roof of Westminster hall illustrated here with its impressive clear span of 18m 60ft. Although metal strapping was often the technique of choice; replacing timbers and repairing joints was often necessary particularly in the case of historically important listed buildings. Image courtesy of Natalie Fenwick Bespoke, hand crafted and uniquely designed, an exposed timber frame offers the character, beauty and aesthetic that many people crave in their home and which is missing from so many modern buildings. Many of these agricultural barns were being converted into domestic dwellings, sometimes less than sympathetically. Skilled carpenters adept in all the techniques and who can use their judgement in the selection of every timber and the cutting of every joint are therefore critical.

Dating oak framed buildings

Our frames are traditionally hand-crafted, which reduces the carbon impact of construction; wood is a highly sustainable building material as it soaks up CO2 while growing, and the wood we use is from fast-growing PEFC certified forests which increase in size by 1. Carpenter Oak holds dear several important factors: We carry out approximately 60 projects a year ensuring a personal service - whatever the size of the build. Parallel lines with crosses between, and scratches on the outside of posts exactly two feet below the top of the top plates, began to be understood as ways of referencing bendy timbers; and so the ancient forgotten techniques were re-learned by the study of these ancient frames. Carpenter Oak developed a means of glazing green oak frames , while keeping buildings air and water tight to comply with ever more stringent requirements for energy efficient homes. Read more about our oak frame glazing services. For many people that means us working as a contractor alongside your architect and builder, for others, involvement at each stage or a self build project. This allows for magnificent cathedral-style roof spaces which are uninterrupted by ceilings, with open plan living for a light and spacious feel. We thrive on the differences between each and every one of our projects, overcoming the challenges of the build access, design and budget constraints while developing a strong rapport with our customers. We do not use large automated 'Hundegger' CNC machines to cut whole frames. Bronze is not a material from which to make a saw, but steel is, so axes were replaced by saws as the primary means of shaping timber. We have a experienced team of designers, carpenters and office staff. Most of all without exception throughout the team of people that work here, we love what we do! Most of the time we design, build and raise the timber frame. On select smaller and more local projects however we do take on more of the build and we can discuss including the groundworks if required. Due to the longevity of hardwood timbers — particularly oak - many of the most impressive medieval timber frames were still standing, and were much admired by all who came across them. However, one of the major advantages of timber frame is that the carpentry can be taking place in our workshops while your builder is starting on site and getting the groundworks done. Image courtesy of Michael Harris Yes. We can help with this if you give us a ring. We only use handheld tools and power tools such as chain morticers, circular saws and drill to cut and shape the timber. Timber was in great demand by boat builders and house builders alike and in short supply in the sections and lengths that the medieval carpenters enjoyed. The tricky levels and the joining of two buildings that were not parallel foxed some, but not Carpenter Oak… thank you so much. Call us to talk through your ideas or project: The carpenters who cut the frame will take it to site - project ownership throughout. Sometimes roofs were simply purlins and ridge beams, spanning between brick cross walls. Mainly no, but sometimes yes! Often it involves the combination of timber structural elements and steelwork and is often used in adventurous, exciting and large scale architectural designs, minimising the sections and mass of individual elements whilst achieving spans and shapes which are way beyond the capability of traditional carpentry.

Dating oak framed buildings

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