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Does updating iphone to 5 0 delete everything

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We cover these questions in this article. Now, head back to the About section of the Settings menu and take a look at your available storage. We cover this in depth here: Go to the iPlayer app and delete them. Likewise, songs can also be removed from your device. Open the App Store app, click the Updates button in the lower-right corner and then tap the Update All button in the upper-right corner. Just click on the iCloud download icon. Here's how to archive an iTunes backup and prepare for iOS And for the photos and videos you want to keep, you can move them to the cloud or a computer so that they're safely stored without taking up space on your iPhone. We're not suggesting this will happen to anyone who attempts to downgrade from iOS 12, but we aware that this is the sort of risk you're taking. Before updating, you should back up all your data and settings. Before jumping in and installing the new version, some people will be keen to know whether it will be possible to revert back to a previous version of iOS should the worse happen and apps you rely on not work, or you find your iPhone starts to slow down or become unresponsive. If you open another of your camera applications and use the camera through that you may be able to take a few shots that you wouldn't be able to take otherwise.

Does updating iphone to 5 0 delete everything

How to free space on an iPhone How to free space on an iPhone Follow these space-saving tips if you run out of storage on your iPhone and can't take a photo or install the app you want By Karen Haslam 26 Jun 18 Storage shortage is a reality for many iPhone owners: Is my phone compatible with iOS 11? But only under the iCloud section - you might think that this is because your Notes are stored in iCloud, after all they sync across all of your devices. And no, your iPhone doesn't need to be jailbroken, nor does it void the warranty. Wait for the backup to finish. We suggest that rather than tapping on the shutter button on the screen you use the volume control buttons on the side of your phone to take the photo, as it's easier to do a single tap that way. Similarly, if you've been using Burst Mode you may have hundreds of identical images you really don't need taking up space on your iPhone. Go to the iPlayer app and delete them. You can always turn it back on again after the storage issue has passed. Finally, select the option Archive. Delete apps, clean up photos The launch of a new version of iOS is a good excuse to perform a bit of maintenance on your device. Alternatively, you can connect your iPhone to your Mac and move some of your library to the Mac Photos app. If you are looking for a way to back up the images on your iPhone iCloud Photo Library is not it. That's photos, 3 panoramas, and 6 videos. After deleting unwanted and seldom-used apps, it's time to scroll through the Photos app and delete the photos and videos you no longer want. You can kill them quickly by telling iOS to purge any messages that have been on the device for longer than a stipulated period - anything older than 30 days, or anything more than a year old. Or you take a ton of photos just to get the perfect shot. With less than a minute's work we reduced the space taken by messages from 2. For more on all this, read our complete guide: Interestingly, the app offers the ability to compress your photos instead of completely deleting them. Once you've bought something it's tied to your Apple ID so Apple knows you own it. It even advises you to make sure you're running the latest version of iTunes. This can take a while, so don't give up after a few seconds. Once you have done so, tap on Delete XX Photos. We'll look at offloading in more detail next. Tap Edit to start deleting.

Does updating iphone to 5 0 delete everything

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