Tools > Registration > Organizational Unit". I select "" after i click "Certifier ID" button. Then i click OK, it popup error  RE: Error Updating Certifier ID - Lotus.">
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Domino error updating certifier id

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For this scenario, select the Reference and Non-Reference Values option. Added the ability to manually send welcome documents from the Completed User IDs view. Added the ability to control the public key size for new user IDs. When changing the status of a termination request, the log document was not updated to reflect the change. All metrics views in the ID Manager Log database have been changed and now include a number of additional fields. The following fields were added: Selected users can be exempted from requests for existing user IDs. Added a protected users view. Fixed a problem with several validation formulas in this form. A second field with the same name was created rather than replacing the existing field. This will allow users to kick off a scheduled agent to process all approved requests of a certain type i. This is described in more detail in the documentation database. This problem occurred when the automatic update of a user ID was performed. Completed termination requests are now ignored when ID Manager is checking for an existing termination request. Support has been added for explicit policy documents. New columns to display the disable user date and time have been added to a number of terminate user views. The agent that deletes old ID Manager Log documents was deleting documents incorrectly.

Domino error updating certifier id

If you are in an R5 only environment, you can enable the new R5 only framesets by selecting Open designated frameset from the launch tab of each ID Manager database. Several users have reported problems with replicas not being deleted. This database now includes an agent that terminates users. Then you can create a DSML file with the schema and import it instead. Previous versions required that all files be installed in a directory named IDMgr. In previous ID Manager releases, editor access was required to reset passwords. Users that were created with the short user ID request form had this problem in some cases. The group that was notified when there was a new Termination request was not the ID Manager Approvers group specified in the ID Manager configuration document. When processing a name change request from the ID Vault database, the name change document sent to the user was not always correct. Added the ability to allow specified users to press a button to manually run the scheduled agent that processes each type of request in ID Manager. In some cases, recertified IDs were not attached to the user ID vault document. The Termination process has undergone a significant rewrite and handles mail file deletions correctly. If Notes Id's were set to expire in , then when where these set? You can now change the user ID profile selected for a new user ID request. For example, you could use a formula like Uppercase Firstname to include the first name of the new user in the custom message. The button that selected the completion memo to send pointed to an incorrect view. When saving a termination request with multiple users selected, no notification memo was sent to the selected administrators. This error only occurred if the standard memo was used. NSF did not honor the Clear Password Digest setting in the ID Vault document and always cleared the password digest whether this option was selected or not. Terminate user logging has been enhanced significantly. In previous versions roaming replica servers had to be specified. This will allow you to determine the text of each message that is sent. Added additional hooks for custom code that will be called by the terminate user routine. Fixes In previous versions, the mail file owner in the calendar profile was always set to the name of the administrator who created the user ID and mail file. Then you'll have to manually replicate for the first time to test replication. Enhancements Clear Password Digests: Added the ability to prevent specified person document fields from being updated by ID Manager during new user registration.

Domino error updating certifier id

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