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How did sonny and chad start dating

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Chad is a fool for Sonny. Sonny and Chad were surprised to find the cast of So Random! Sonny hugs Chad after canceling their date. Sonny went on a fake date with Chad, at the same arcade where Tawni was going on a date with James. She said that she will get professional help, when she actually went over to Stage 2 to ask Chad about what happens next in MacKenzie Falls. Chad asked Sonny out. After the date, Tawni received flowers from James thinking that they were meant for Sonny. The two got caught by Murphy , but not before Nico had a chance to put his head under the machine. Sonny bumps into Chad and he says "I think I left my sunglasses in here from when we were going out". Sonny thought he meant he would stop going crazy but instead he ordered a recount of the votes. While they were playing air hockey, Sonny found out that the "best friend" that Tawni was talking about was Tawni herself. On the live episode T.

How did sonny and chad start dating

Sonny was able to escape because Grady didn't carry spare change when she decided to transfer bus, and was telling her mom about her day when the doorbell rang, revealing Chad who was carrying flowers, a MacKenzie Falls boxed set, and a photo of him holding flowers and a MacKenzie Falls boxed set. Sonny and Connie are addicted to Mackenzie Falls. Chad is a fool for Sonny. Chad throwing up on Sonny ended up on the cover of Tween Weekly Sonny and Chad on their second first date in front of the billboard The episode started with Chad accidentally saying Sonny instead of Chloe Chad shows Sonny the billboard outside while filming MacKenzie Falls. The Randoms find out about Sonny's Falls obsession. Sonny and Chad were surprised to find the cast of So Random! Murphy still ended up catching both of them. Sonny then says "if you had only given the sunglasses there moment in the sun then maybe they wouldnt have broken up with you". Neither Sonny nor Tawni ever heard it. They found out that Sonny was lying about her mom's sprained ankle and was in fact with Chad, so they immediately rushed out of her house. They let him in after they saw that he was slipping, and he was about to apologize to Sonny about what he said when he got distracted when he saw that she threw away season 3 of MacKenzie Falls. Part 2 Sonny and Chad pretend to still hate each other. At the So Random! It turns out Mackenzie Falls won. The other for the iTunes downloadable version is that Sonny is sitting on a tennis judge's chair, judging Chad's celebrity tennis tournament. Chad asked Sonny why she had to cancel, and she was about to explain when the rest of the So Random! They managed to deceive everyone, however, by staging one of their usual fights in the middle of the cafeteria. Sonny enters her and her mother's apartment, bringing in stuff for her and Tawni 's science project when she caught her mother, Connie , watching MacKenzie Falls. They said that the first step to solving the problem of her MacKenzie Falls habit was admitting that she had a problem, which she did. When they went to the dressing room later that day, Tawni revealed that even she was suspicious of Sonny's recent behavior, and Zora revealed for a fact that Sonny was betraying them. Sonny got mad at him and told him to leave the way he came in, and he said that he would do so, but through a different window, in order to show her the billboard that he had made. It is obvious that Chloe likes him aswell, but he has only ever gone out with Sonny except for Chloe on the show. James wanted to break up with Tawni so that he can go after Sonny again, but Sonny and Tawni both ended up dumping him. Meanwhile, Zora convinced Nico and Grady to take her as their lawyer in order to plead their case to Murphy, and they ended up having to do six hours of community service. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady were planning on putting their head underneath the yogurt machine. Chad goes against Zac Efron, and Efron wins. During the date itself, Sonny and Chad were having their first date jitters.

How did sonny and chad start dating

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