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How to be sexy for your bf

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If you're feeling sexy, take the initiative. Method Think Sexy 1 Love your looks. When you're having doubts, remind yourself of these qualities. He'll respect you for sharing your true feelings and will be turned on in the process. He will surely follow. Before you go in for the kill, ask yourself if your boyfriend is really in the mood for what you have to offer. While being sexy can help add spice to your relationship, it's important to know when you've had enough. Be open about what you want. A thong, lacy underwear, a push up bra, pearls, a corset, knee-high socks, or spandex. Try to keep your legs shaved, your skin washed, and your breath nice and minty as often as you can so you'll be ready to get it on. If you're wearing a new dress, instead of asking your boyfriend, "Do I look okay in this? You're already awesome, but there's always room for improvement. Even when you're not in the bedroom, your boyfriend should be thinking of what your body has to offer. Showing a little bit of bra strap can be sexy, but exposing your entire bra is too much.

How to be sexy for your bf

This may lead to frustration and other mishaps in the bedroom. Don't take off too much too soon. Try an adventurous food, go sky diving, or go mountain climbing. Some of the most sexy times you have with your boyfriend will be totally unplanned. Be Yourself 1 Know your limits. He'll be more than just pleasantly surprised. Though you don't have to go for it in the back of your car or some untoward place, a special touch or kiss at the right time can show him that you're ready for more. Surprise him in public. If you're feeling sexy, take the initiative. Leave room for sexiness any time in your life, even if you're just having an ordinary dinner or watching a television show. Method Think Sexy 1 Love your looks. Here are some ways to be sexy without having sex: If you love your legs, wear a shorter skirt, and if you think your arms are to die for, expose them in the perfect tank top. Dancing can be very erotic. If he'd rather hit the hay instead of have a roll in the hay, don't force him to do anything he doesn't want. There's a reason that "food" rhymes with "nude. Pick at least three attributes you love about yourself, and show 'em off. Let him linger over your body so his passion builds. Some sexy items include: Eating right and exercising can have a positive impact on the way you think about yourself. Though it may seem impossible that there will be a time when your boyfriend isn't in the mood, accept that he's human and may not be feeling so sexy. Though sex can be a stress reliever, if your man is so worried about his new job that he can't focus on you, give him some alone time. Keep your feet nice and fresh so you smell sexy in the bedroom. Instead of spending time telling you that you're amazing, he'll be busy loving your natural ease with yourself, which will make you look even more sexy. Send him sexy--but tasteful--text messages at night. If you're just not in the mood. Give your boyfriend sexy glances.

How to be sexy for your bf

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