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Po and tigress dating

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In the begining Po wakes up and is commenting on his action figures of the furious five especially tigress who he tries to immitate her roar. Po looked down at his pants and shrugged as he took another bite out of his food. The stars were like glitter on a black sheet of paper and the moon, nearly full, shines down on the Valley, making it bright enough to see shadows. When Po meets Tigress in the village, he realises she is wearing perfume,while she is talking, Po gives her an "in-love" look, after she leaves Po says that he wants to tell her so bad, at the end when Tigress finds out Po was the Midnight Stranger, she leaves to throw up. Po smiled at her and relaxed a bit. Tigress giggled again at Po's face expression. Deciding that Po was very uncomfortable with the subject, Tigress spoke about something else. Po couldn't help but blush and giggle whenever she did that. Tigress took her bowl of noodles and plate of dumplings, she then filled her cup up to the brink, she saw that Po had gotten bigger portions than her. As they walked, it almost seemed like walking through a wave of beautiful golden lights, yes, it was that many. When Monkey mentions that Po would want them to remain "Strong, hardcore. As Po wanted to plan the perfect night for his special girl and told Tigress to be ready by 7: I get a little 'spaced-out' whenever I come here to see the lake," Po explained. Tigress scooted over to Po's side and rested her head on his shoulder. There was a time where I had eaten everything in the house, nearly putting my father's shop out of business. Po chuckled at the sight and Tigress blushed.

Po and tigress dating

Later, outside the Jade Palace Po and Tigress have snuck out of the barracks and were now heading to their destination. Po' s good side also is extremely nice to Tigress by commenting on how shiny her fur is to offering to clean up her room. He then walked over and removed the sheets to reveal, dumplings, noodle soup, tofu, and tea. Po couldn't help but blush and giggle whenever she did that. The Legend is Real. Just as he was about to put her in her in her bed she opened her eyes and looked up at Po. Slowly, the stars came out and illuminated and reflected their light against the clear waters of the lake. Your review has been posted. Later in the episode, when Bian Zao asked for Po' s tigress action figure for a trade Po complained not wanting to give up his favorite action figure but, eventually gave in. As Po then took her paw and walked with her to a table as it had a plate of dumplings of them along with two bowls of steaming hot noodles made by Po. A late-night date It's a beautiful night in the Valley of Peace, everyone was sound asleep and dreaming peacefully. After about 20 or so minutes of eating and talking with each other, and making some jokes, they noticed that the fireflies have come out. Po escorted Tigress to her seat and he sat on the opposite side. Po was completely happy that she had finally said yes to him and took the day off after asking his master first if it was alright of course. Why are you looking at my pants? This caused Viper to gently put her tail on Tigress shoulder and softly said "What's wrong Tigress? It was one of the advantages of living in the Jade Palace. He wants to go to Shen again for answers, ignoring her orders to stay at the jail, saying "the hardcore can't understand". He smiled as he crept over. As Tigress had her arms crossed in the picture looking at the panda with a weird look but if you looked closely she had a little smile on her face "…he does bring warmness to my heart. Po hugged Tigress as they walked, she returned the hug and said while smiling: At the start of the series, when they first meet, she considers Po a nuisance, and wants nothing to do with him, especially after he seemingly steals her chance to become the Dragon Warrior. The village doesn't really have that much in diversity, you understand," Po said. Tigress took her bowl of noodles and plate of dumplings, she then filled her cup up to the brink, she saw that Po had gotten bigger portions than her. Tigress could understand that. Tigress also said that Po was the "right" Dragon Warrior. He took out a big blanket and laid it down on the ground.

Po and tigress dating

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