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Smart guy the dating game part 1

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He spends a fair amount of time at school with his older brother, Marcus, and his brother's best friend, Mo Tibbs. Yvette sometimes finds it hard being the only girl in a family full of mostly men, as seen in the season two episode "Men Working Badly". Yvette is intelligent, is usually level-headed, is a women's rights activist and has a passion for art, including drama, photography and dancing. This is the first time Marcus' band Mackadocious is shown in the series; however, the only permanent members of the group when the band is seen in later episodes turn out to be T. He sleeps in his office since he can no longer afford a home of his own. Awards and nominations[ edit ] Awards and nominations for Smart Guy Year. Brandi only appears in two episodes: In , the UK Disney Channel pulled the show, which at the time was only aired during working days in the early afternoon. Coach Gerber — Played by Dann Florek , he is the gym teacher and basketball coach at the school. Despite his heavy and muscular build, Mo is usually depicted as a friendly person the pilot episode, however, depicts him as being almost a rival to Marcus in a couple of scenes — particularly one in which he gets into a fight with Marcus over their classmate Mariah Venus DeMilo Thomas , whom they both are romantically interested in, resulting in T. He is a self-made businessman and owns a roofing company called Floyd Henderson Contracting. He is frequently a comic foil to most of the main characters, including T. He once taught math and gets angry easily. He is a fairly popular student at Piedmont High and reacts remarkably well to his younger brother sharing nearly every one of his classes, although tensions do arise from time to time this is especially true in the pilot episode, to the point where he tells T. Henderson whose full first and middle name were never revealed is the youngest child in his family, portrayed as 10 to 11 years old in seasons 1 and 2, and 12 in season 3.

Smart guy the dating game part 1

Main settings[ edit ] The Henderson house[ edit ] A majority of the show's scenes take place in the Henderson house or the school. The opening sequence for the first two seasons was fully computer animated with the exception of the cast video headshots. As the show's title suggests, T. Meanwhile, Principal Dowling enlists T. After the two are caught fighting by Floyd and he finds out about Marcus firing his little brother, Marcus admits that he was jealous that T. Awards and nominations[ edit ] Awards and nominations for Smart Guy Year. He is fairly popular and is definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Although the character of Yvette is in her late teens, Essence Atkins born on February 7, and therefore being in her mids during the run of the series is actually only ten years younger than John Marshall Jones, who plays her character's father Floyd. Guest star Christina Milian is credited as Christine Flores. Yvette is intelligent, is usually level-headed, is a women's rights activist and has a passion for art, including drama, photography and dancing. Walsh , Mackey is a student who is in Marcus and Mo's grade. Jason Weaver guest starred in two episodes of Sister, Sister, which starred guest stars Tia and Tamera Mowry, the season three episode "Summer Bummer" and the season four episode "Boy from the Hood". A short version of the season three theme, which is different from the regular theme song was used in episodes in which ran over the allotted time. He is also the lead vocalist for the band which he created, Mackadocious, in which his best friend Mo is the bassist and T. Floyd is often annoyed with Mo's antics, such as his constantly eating from their fridge and even once having slept in T. Chimps" , among other things Marcus refers to him as "a little shrimp". Production[ edit ] Tahj Mowry and Omar Gooding are the only cast members not to appear in every episode which in the case of Mowry is quite unusual for the lead actor for a television series to not appear in all episodes. He often wears flannel shirts. He is a self-made businessman and owns a roofing company called Floyd Henderson Contracting. Mackey Nagle — Played by J. She is also the editor of the school newspaper, The Penguin a position that is the partial basis of "Stop the Presses", in which T. She wears "ghetto fabulous" clothing and depicts an exaggerated stereotype of youth. In the season two episode "The Dating Game", Deion had a crush more like an obsession on Yvette and asked her out to the school dance, which Yvette rejects repeatedly and prompts her to go with T. But the plan eventually hits a snag when both twins fall for Marquise, and he reveals his real identity, leaving Marcus with neither twin. Outside of the occasional moments of awkwardness that are bound to occur when a child interacts with high schoolers, T. He is cheap when it comes to school necessities, and sometimes is presented as incompetent. Ward, he is the vice-principal of the school.

Smart guy the dating game part 1

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