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The craziest dating stalking story ever

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The alarm system scared him off, but we called the police per usual and they said they would look into it. He found out where I was living and broke in there too while I was in the shower. He did some time in state prison and now I have a restraining order against him. Then he sent me a Facebook friend request. Continue Reading Below Advertisement That's not somewhere you get to fast, and this case is no exception. This guy, whose friends could have given him a break I had a roommate in college who heard about a very cute girl, probably one of the best-looking on campus that year. We were really slow that day so I was just in the back room messing around on my phone. You see, a bullet can only be dodged if the person looks like a weirdo from the beginning. Suddenly the person appears in front of your door or at your workplace even though you never shared the exact location , calls several times during the day, sends dozens of roses etc. He broke into my dorm room, I then left the dorms because I felt unsafe and moved into an apartment not far from the College Campus, with two female roommates. Her makeup was a bit weird. He introduced himself and told me that the nite before he noticed me leaving and I left my garage door open, so he went inside and closed it, and let himself out through the front door, only locking the doorknob lock.

The craziest dating stalking story ever

The coolest thing about the place where I live is that there's no one else here with me, so if I get a little blood on the floor and decide to leave it there like some kind of conversation piece from the Investigation Discovery gift shop, no one says shit. The odds that you won't be spending that money securing a dollar store defense lawyer to guide you through the process of being tried and convicted as an accessory to murder are just astronomical, and that's just the beginning of the myriad reasons you shouldn't do it. After a friend who was familiar with the situation heard one of the dedications read on the show Lynn Parsons In The Morning, she contacted the victim, who immediately went to the police. Then it starts spreading quickly, infecting other parts of the body. Someone was under my bed. He went to prison for his crime, and in a perfect world, that would be the end of the story. As the guy tried to backpedal, she got crazier and turned up at his doorstep every day for a whole week, bringing presents or apologizing. Another day there was a knock at the door and when I checked the peephole, there was no one there and I assumed the postman had come. He asked who would be occupying "the rooms facing the street," on the grounds that it would help him "plan better. The final straw was when she broke into my house a few days later, and I have webcam footage of this. Continue Reading Below Advertisement He called again, this time asking me very weird questions, like what I would do with him in a room with the door locked, if I had a boyfriend, why I was playing hard to get, etc. I explained that I was studying and needed privacy. Ex boyfriend crashes one of our dates and jumps new guy with five friends. The last night I saw her she was giving a homeless guy a blow job outside of my window around 2 a. I tagged myself in her photo, as her new guy Don't take this to mean that, again, like so many other things in life, stalking has become something the United States is no longer the best at the same as with education, healthcare, winning wars, going to space, baseball, track, golf, science-fiction shows about life in a not-too-distant dystopian future, etc. Unless "The Watcher" is really just an elaborate scam on the part of someone looking to buy the house at a reduced price. It's become such an epidemic that even the elderly are getting in on the act in Japan. Never have sex with crazy people. Anyway, after a year of this, I gave up, we got married and now have 2 kids. Three days after closing on their new home, they received a letter from a man just an assumption I'm making and never wavering from who referred to himself only as "The Watcher. I had injured myself playing sports, so I was under orders to 'rest', which meant no Hallowe'en parties for me. After I got back from the trip he showed up at our door at midnite, drunk, and banging on the door. Which is weird, because it's located in New Jersey, which you might recognize as the polar opposite of a dream scenario. He walked into the garage and came out with a box, containing George. I explained how far this had gone and my roommate told them that he had followed her a few times, demanding that she tell him where I was.

The craziest dating stalking story ever

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