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The first settlements dating to b c e 7000

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Crusaders defeat the Saracens at Antioch. The Quaternary extinction event , which has been ongoing since the mid-Pleistocene, concludes. At first they did not contain information of the origin of goods, their destination, time of transport or production and detailed product description plus transporting persons. Maxentius is killed in the battle of Milvian Bride. Moses leads the Israelites on an exodus out of Egypt. The city of Baghdad is established and rises as a city of learning. Humans begin to use raw metals. Constantinople is formed by Constantine and is the new capital of the Roman Kingdom. Late Glacial Maximum , end of the Last glacial period , climate warms, glaciers recede. The first structures of this kind in el-Beidha are dated 6, BC. But what we are focusing on in this article is the development of human civilization with its first settlements and tool making.

The first settlements dating to b c e 7000

Caucasian Hunter-Gatherer Caucasoid phenotype expansion to Europe. Jericho was a popular camping ground for Natufian hunter-gatherer groups, who left a scattering of crescent microlith tools behind them. The East and West kingdoms of Rome are re-united by Constantine. Jesus is born in Bethlehem. Equidae goes extinct in North America. Red Deer Cave people in China, possible late survival of archaic or archaic-modern hybrid humans. Louis VI becomes the new king of France. First settled societies in the Mesopotamia region. Roman empire makes Christianity the official religion. Bering Strait is crossed by humans, connecting Asia to the Americas. In northern Mesopotamia , now northern Iraq , cultivation of barley and wheat begins. Montreal is founded by Dutch. Cave painting of a battle between archers, Morella la Vella, Spain, the oldest known depiction of combat. Israel is invaded and defeated by the Philistines. For the next 3, years they became the only means of communication with thousands of clay platelets found in Egypt and ancient capitals such as Babylon, Mari, Qatna and Ugarit. Crucifixion of Jesus ordered by Pilate. The Hundred Years War comes to an end. The first inhabitants of el-Beidha were hunter and gatherers, who later became farmers and breeders. Macrinus becomes the new Emperor of Rome. The Hittites conquer Babylon. Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist. New Guinea is populated by colonists from Asia or Australia. Earliest supposed date for the domestication of cattle. The city of Baghdad is established and rises as a city of learning. Cai Lun creates the paper-making process in China. The theory of relative motion is put forward by Galileo Galilee. Constantine converts to Christianity.

The first settlements dating to b c e 7000

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